CompliBraille Plus, the high-speed machine of highest accuracy!
The CompliBraille Plus is an advancement of our former CompliBraille and the CompliBraille special edition.
The CompliBraille Plus offers a multitude of new possibilities of producing Braille lettering and is therefore definitely a novelty.
The high-speed machine of highest accuracy CompliBraille Plus is the first machine worldwide which is able to handle rules of 20, 30, 40 and even 50mm with a thickness of 0.4mm using a material specially produced to this purpose which corresponds to a hardness of about 35 Rockwell.
The CompliBraille Plus is equipped with a hole fixing, can write every kind of text and offers the opportunity to engrave your personal company logo.

The CompliBraille Plus works extremely quietly and can thus be installed in any office without problems.
Pushing the button once the CompliBraille Plus produces AccuBraille male parts with a height of 42.9 x 0.4mm thickness with 4 lines and 52.9 x 0.4mm thickness with 5 lines.
The CompliBraille Plus comes with a tool which is able to calibrate all dots.
The machine embosses an AccuBraille with about 800 dots and engraves at the same time a text as well as a company logo in less than 3 minutes.
For the production of Braille lettering there are different possibilities, for example entering via keyboard or importing different file formats.
Although the AccuBraille is set up several times, you can emboss about 3 million boxes with our special material without losing quality.
The Braille control software can be delivered in any language.
This machine is absolutely unique using the automatic calibration of the ball. As the ball is flat you can perfectly emboss with it.
With a single click you can also operate the machine without this calibration.
CompliBraille, creates Braille plates in a lasting metal is never been so easy; user friendliness and powerful functionality are key in this machine; generating Braille and AccuBraille in a variety of sizes and types.

Application Production cliché BRAILLE and DIANABRAILLE
Steel thickness 0.4mm height 42.8mm or 52.8mm
Features Holes DIANABRAILLE machined
Typing BRAILLE up to 5 lines 
Motorized automatic writing with a punch
Automatic translation on BRAILLE
Calibration of the individual "dots" to equal dimension 
Import of .cf2 and .dxf files